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My son Max had his first photo shoot with Marcus & Gypsy and he thoroughly enjoyed the process.  From the minute we arrived Gypsy and Marcus made us both feel welcomed and comfortable.  Max was pretty nervous prior to the shoot, but his nerves disappeared as Marcus quickly tapped into his natural energy.  The end result was some awesome photos.

I highly recommend Marcus & Gypsy to anyone looking for professional head shots and dance photography.

Nelson & Max Olster

My experience with Marcus Walters Photographer was amazing! I had such a fun time shooting all different looks and styles. Her makeup artistry was incredible and my hair was done differently with every look. There was so much extra time spent by both the photographer and the stylist to make sure I got the best shot possible. The location was insane so many different possibilities for all different looks. I highly recommend this photography business as the experience was so professional yet I felt so comfortable and welcomed by them. Marcus Walters Photographer really went above and beyond!

Cleo Lewis

Cleo Lewis_156.jpg
Larissa Nicholson_015.jpg

From the moment of commencement I could see Marcus had confidence and his professionalism shone through. As a team with Gypsy doing my make-up I was assured that every thought would be given. I was ecstatic with the results and would 100 per cent recommend Marcus and Gypsy without hesitation. Thank you so so much!!

Larissa Nicholson

Cool, incredibly creative and professional, relaxed and down-to-earth.
Breath-taking studio, stunning outlook for outdoor options.
Brilliant shots by Marcus, impeccable styling, hair and makeup by Gypsy - captured in Paradise.
Thank you so much for the most memorable, inspirational day.
We wouldn't go anywhere else'.

Suzanne & William Crittenden

William Crittenden_077_BW.jpg
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My experience with Marcus and Gypsy was sensational. They welcomed me and made me feel comfortable from the get go. Gypsy puts thought into her makeup artistry, personalising each look and style for her clients. Marcus’ professionalism and experience was evident, as he guided me in front of the camera and was super attentive. We had so many laughs and I would highly recommend this business!

Alanah Sciberras

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get professional headshots done with Marcus Walters. Gypsy does an astounding job with make-up and hair and Marcus captures such extraordinary shots. Both complete professionals, as a team you couldn't ask for anything more. They are genuine people and are absolutely phenomenal at what they do.

Ayla Elli

Ayla Elli_043.jpg
Gerard Holland_015.jpg

Just wanted to thank you again for those amazing head shots! I've gotten a good deal of work since I've had them including a few paid gigs and a feature in early 2017 and I owe it all to you.

Gerard Holland

I suggest that all my clients work with Marcus and Gypsy when they need to obtain clean, fresh, commercially appealing images. This creative team always produce the best quality work and bring out the best in every Artist, and our people can't rave enough about how great they are to work with on set. Cannot recommend Marcus Walters Photographer enough!

PJ Clarke - Jeep Management

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