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Headshots are an essential tool for

Actors, Dancers, Singers, Musicians, Real Estate Agents etc.

Whether studio headshots or Outdoor headshots on location, we can do it. You will be guided through posing, expressions etc during the shoot, so there is no reason for you to be stressed about "not knowing what to do".



Using a combination of studio lighting and natural light creates an incredible depth to our headshots.

We use different coloured and textured backdrops to create your unique and powerful headshot.

Caspian Blackwell-Barnes_July_030.jpg
Ashleigh O'Brien_033.jpg



I am known for my "LA style" colourful natural light headshots that capture the personality and warmth of the subject.


I like to work with more subtle expressions that convey a sense of mystery while at the same time conveying the actor’s inner warmth.

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