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aboutthe bearded

"With great beards, come great responsibilities"

                                                  - Spiderman's Uncle (I think)

That's me in the picture..... the one wearing the hat.

The glorious beast in front of me is Odin.

He is much cooler then me.....

I'm supposed to convince you why you should come to me for photos. Why I'm better then everyone else.... I hate tooting my own horn! (Though I am learning the trumpet soooo).

How about some background first.

I love my beard.

I listen to Jazz and Blues. Also the rock classics like Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zepplin.

Anything created after Pearl Jam and Nirvana is not music.... it's just noise.

Oh and the 80's sucked, except for the Gunners.

I'm a wood carver and a jewellery maker (checkout my other website )

I'm married to your Gypsy, who will be your makeup artist if you come to our studio in Mullumbimby -

I have a boy called Marley Danger.... that's right, Danger is his middle name!

And I a take damn good photo..... if you don't believe me, have a look at the photos on this website. Also, my lovely chickens will definitely photobomb you during the shoot.

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